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Pep Guardiola Slammed with £20,000 Fine by FA


Guardiola had worn ribbon during games, which he dons in a show of support for 2 members of the Catalan government who were imprisoned in October.

Additionally to the fine, Guardiola has been warned about his future conduct.

The City boss explained the ribbon’s significance last week and accepted the charge earlier this week.

“I said from the beginning that if the FA consider I shouldn’t wear the yellow ribbon I would accept it, but the fact that I wear it or not doesn’t mean anything because the yellow ribbon is always going to be there, whether you see it or not, even if I wear it in the press conference, postmatch, it doesn’t matter. The situation doesn’t change — there are still people in prison in an unfair way,” Guardiola said on Monday.

Guardiola claimed that the ribbon didn’t mean he was picking sides in the debate of Catalan independence from Spain,. He explained that it was only to protest the imprisonment of Jordi Sanchez & Jordi Cuixart, whom the manager considers innocent.

Though, FA chief Martin Glenn was adamant the ribbon was a political symbol,however he later apologised for some of his comments after seeming to liken the Star of David with a swastika.

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